Below is a guide on updating the firmware on your Draco Smart Battery. We highly recommend you update to the latest version for better features and reliability.

Before updating Draco smart battery, UVify configurator app should be installed.
To update Draco smart battery, Draco is required. Prepare Draco with smart battery also smart battery should be turned off. 

  1. Check COM Port Number and Setup the Draco

    Connect the Draco(with smart battery) to UVify configurator. You can check COM port number in UVify configurator screen.

    After connecting the Draco, click "Enable Expert Mode" for enabling expert setup.

    Then, in the left sidebar, click the "Ports" tab. In "Ports" configuration screen, enable "MSP" button of "UART3" and set baudrate  as "57600".

    After finishing setup, click "Save and Reboot" and "disconnect". Draco should be still connected to laptop using USB cable.

  2. Enter Battery Firmware Updating Mode

    Push and hold the battery power button about 5 seconds. If all four LEDs are blink once, release the battery power button. Then, you can see the light flows quickly from LED1 to LED4. This indicates the battery is now in the "Firmware update mode".

    If you want to stop or exit "Firmware update mode", push and hold the battery power button about two seconds. If all four LEDs start to blink quickly, release the battery power button. You should release the battery power button during LEDs blink quickly.
  3. Download Battery Firmware Updater
    Download the latest battery firmware and unzip the file.

  4. Update Firmware
    Run "cmd.exe". In the command prompt, go to unzip folder. For example, if you unzip the updater in the "upload" folder, then you should type the folder path to "upload" folder. Arbitrary path "~" depends on your system.

    cd C:\Users\~\Downloads\upload

    Then, type the command like below. COMx is COM port number.

    upload.bat COMx

    COM port number can be found when Draco is connected to UVify configurator. If Draco is connected to COM4, then you should type COM4 instead of COMx. If firmware is updated successfully, you can see the progress result screen like below.