To look at, the difference between Draco and Draco HD is very subtle. On the outside, the visual differences will be the Antenna's and the camera and lens. However, internally they are very different craft. Draco comes with 5.8GHz Analog video transmission - the most commonly used set-up in use by pilots and racers all over the World. Draco HD however, comes with a Digital Video transmission system, allowing for better visual clarity, higher resolution of image and no video interference.

Draco HD is designed around the Connex Prosight system. You'll need a Connex Prosight Receiver to receive the transmission which in turn, outputs the video feed to HD FPV goggles via a HDMI cable. Draco on the other hand only requires a 5.8GHz compatiable pair of FPV goggles to stream the feed to your eyes wirelessly.

Draco HD has superior visuals all round compared to the analog system. However, analog is the more affordable and is widely recognised as the current "Standard" which most Drone Racing organizations and clubs use.

You'll need to decide which Draco is right for you, weighing up the pro's and con's of each system. However, if you do decide to go for Draco and wish to upgrade to Draco HD at a later stage, we will offer an upgrade kit on the UVify store which will allow you to swap out the components in your current Draco to upgrade it to the HD version - giving you the best of both World's with zero compromise.