Both models of Draco come with a 1600maH 4S LiPo with a max discharge rate of 75c. This enables Draco to have extremely fast acceleration and a high top speed. When it comes to Draco's total flight time, it is extremely variable depending on how you are flying at the time.

For example, in race conditions where Draco is at top speed on a regular basis, the flight time is likely to be around 2-3 minutes. This is usually long enough for a high-speed race under competitive conditions and is in-line with other racing drones on the market.

If you are flying Draco at a more relaxed pace with a mixture of high / low speed, flight times of 10-12 minutes can be achieved.

It is extremely dependent to the exact flight conditions as well. Large periods of hovering will reduce flight time as more energy is consumed hovering than in forward flight. Weather conditions, such as high winds can also be a contributing factor.

Please take all of the above into consideration when flying Draco and ensure you keep an eye on the OSD in your FPV goggles. You should be looking to land at around 14v.