This Document contains a list of Transmitters which are known to work with Draco. At present, we offer 2 variants of the Draco. A DSMX (Spektrum) Draco and a Turnigy Evolution Draco. At this time, we do not offer an FrSky Draco.

DSMX Draco Transmitter Support

  • Spektrum DX6
  • Spektrum DX6e
  • Spektrum DX7
  • Spektrum DX9 v2
  • TBS Tango
  • Taranis (With Orange Module Only)

Note: The DXe does not Bind with Draco. Do not purchase this transmitter with the intention of flying Draco.

Other DSMX transmitters will work, but may require advanced understanding of the transmitter and is only recommended to those that are experienced users.

Turnigy Evolution Draco Transmitter Support

  • Turnigy Evolution Only