If you find you do not have right stick input when you try to fly Draco, please check the following settings in the UVify configurator.

  1. Connect your Draco to your PC using the rear USB port (ensure propellers are detached from Draco)
  2. Load the UVify configurator (If you haven't installed it already, click here).
  3. Click on the connect button - this will allow the UVify configurator to see the Draco settings.
  4. Turn on Expert mode by clicking on the toggle.
  5. Navigate to the PIDs tab on the left hand side - click on it.
  6. Within the PIDs tab, you should see an option for angle limit and angle sensitivity. These should be set to 55. Once you have entered the values, hit the save button.
  7. Your Draco may now reboot. Once this has done, please disconnect the USB cable from Draco.
  8. With the propellers off, attach the Draco battery. Power on your transmitter, followed by Draco.
  9. Arm Draco and test to see if you here motor changes when moving the right stick. You should now have input.

If you still do not have right stick input, please check you have set your transmitter up properly. You can find the transmitter settings for DSMX here and Turnigy here. Alternatively, you can create a new support ticket and someone from the UVify Support team will be able to assist you.