The below guide serves two purposes. We will cover the removal / refitting of existing arms for transportation of Draco or the replacement of arms for Draco in the event of damage / failure as the result of a crash.


Removing arms for transportation

Out of the box, Draco comes fully assembled. However, if you wish to dissassemble Draco for transportation, it can be done in just a few simple steps.

Tools required:

Hex / Allen key size (need to list)


Step 1.

Draco's arms are each secured by 4 hex screws and metal washers. Turn Draco upside down and begin removing the hex screws, ensuring you do not lose the metal washers. Repeat this step for each arm.


Step 2.

Turn Draco up the right way so it sits on it's base. Repeat the process for all arms, removing each of the screws and ensuring the washers are kept safe.


Step 3.

Once all screws are safely removed, gently pull on the arm in the direction that it is pointing from the chassis. It should come away fairly easily.

Important: Do not twist or pull arm at an angle from the chassis. This may cause damage to the components if you do so!