If you purchase your Draco HD and ProSight Receiver at the same time from the UVify Store, we will pre-bind your Draco HD and ProSight receiver for you. However, it is advised that you check that you have the latest firmware installed before operating.


Update ProSight Firmware

Before using your ProSight receiver, you should check to ensure that the Firmware is up-to-date.

You can check to see if your ProSight Firmware is up-to-date by using the Update tool found here


Binding your Draco and ProSight Receiver

When you use your Draco HD and ProSight receiver for the first time, you will need to bind the two together so they can Communicate. Until you do this you will not see a picture when you connect your Goggles via HDMI to the ProSight Receiver.


1. Connect the USB Cable to the Draco (Ensure Draco is Powered on with Props removed). You need to plug the USB Cable into The Draco HD's Video USB Port, Located in front of the Right rear arm.


2. Connect the other end of the USB Cable to the ProSight Receiver, ensuring that this is also powered on.

Verify that the Network LED (1) on the HD receiver blinksfor a few seconds and is lit constantly when pairing is completed. This process takes a few seconds.


After successful pairing, the following message appears on the screen: Registration Succeeded, Please Disconnect Cable.